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By Timothy J. Colton, Michael McFaul

Two times within the iciness of 1999-2000, electorate of the Russian Federation flocked to their neighbourhood balloting stations and scratched their ballots in an environment of uncertainty, rancor and worry. This booklet is a story of those elections - one for the 450-seat Duma, the opposite for president. regardless of monetary predicament, a countrywide safeguard emergency in Chechnya, and cupboard instability, Russian citizens suddenly supported the established order. The elected lawmakers have been ready to co-operate with the administrative department, a present that had eluded President Boris Yeltsin considering he imposed a post-Soviet structure by way of referendum in 1993. while Yeltsin retired six months just before agenda, the presidential mantle went to Vladimir Putin - a profession KGB officer who fused new and outdated methods of doing politics. Putin was once simply elected president in his personal correct. This ebook demonstrates key developments in an extinct superpower, a stricken nation in whose balance, modernization and openness to the foreign group the West nonetheless has an immense stake.

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A party required a modicum of agreement on goals, presentation of self, future trajectory, and the like. Blocs, which could be assembled from several or many organizations, were a device of almost infinite tactical flexibility and were not necessarily predicated on any moral or ideological consensus. The OVR alliance, for instance, set its sights on electing Yurii Luzhkov or Yevgenii Primakov president and saw the winning of seats in the Duma as a means to this end, pure and simple. The Unity bloc was at root a response to OVR.

For the presidency, scarcely a comma had changed in the guidelines since 1996. 7 An engine of suspense in the previous electoral cycle was absent this time. In March 1996 Boris Yeltsin, jittery about losing the pending presidential election to the communist opposition, was on the verge of canceling the vote, disbanding the newly elected Duma, and instituting emergency presidential rule. 8 There was no reprise in 1999 or 2000. qxd 18 9/30/2003 3:54 PM Page 18 / Setting the Scene Table 2-1. Citizen Fears of Disastrous Consequences of the 1996 and 2000 Presidential Electionsa Percent Consequence Civil war Major economic deterioration Jump in emigration Loss of democratic freedoms Radical worsening of relations with former Soviet republics Radical worsening of relations with the West Religious persecution 1996b 2000c 45 53 25 33 24 38 16 23 31 32 20 25 27 10 a.

Break it,”17 and hence made everyone vulnerable to the state’s discretion when enforcing these laws. 18 Players Since the nineteenth century, political parties in the industrial democracies of the West have been the arch coordinators of elections. They and individual politicians and groups nested in them control the nomination of candidates and campaigns on their behalf. In post-Soviet Russia, the parties are ill-developed, oppressively large in numbers, and forced to share the partisan space with quasi parties or near parties that are on the whole less well organized and less durable.

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