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By Alexander Welsh

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This ebook is going a ways towards finding Freud within the culture of the nineteenth-century novel. Welsh (unlike many that take on Freud nowadays) is imaginatively outfitted to interact with "The Interpretation of Dreams," and methods the publication as one may a literary textual content, might be the one manner during which it really is attainable to learn Freud anymore. In doing so he manages to prevent the dual pitfalls of adulation and "Freud-bashing"; "useful" is the best way i might symbolize it.

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It is unlikely that fixing a motive (Motiv) could be such an important step in Freud’s dream interpretation if it were not for the myriads of shrewd attempts in the nineteenth century—whether legal or popular—to fix individual responsibility independently of religion. Supplying a motive as the key to the dream thoughts is something that Freud goes about automatically. It is his way of listening to patients, his way of catching himself—his mode of explanation and interpretation. Freud’s method might splendidly have served as the inspiration of his own favorite Dickens novel, David Copperfield, which was originally to have been about a man who habitually thought, “Well, now, yes—no doubt that was a fine thing to do!

Rhetoric or substance, the value of secrets for Freud’s theory can hardly be exaggerated. Unless the meaning of dreams were hidden, there would be nothing for Freud to do or for his readers to enjoy—hence he very quickly gets over those childish dreams of undisguised wishes and saves for later the deep secrets of childhood. The claim to reveal secrets pervades the book, which cheerfully confuses the secrets of nature, things unknown to anyone before now, with the secrets of personality, things concealed from others and more especially from oneself.

A long section on women (compare Freud’s view of Dora) suggests that they may be easier to see through than men, because of their inveterate sexual needs. ” But we need not confine ourselves to direct evidence. Three indirect signs of a woman’s concealed sexual passion that Gross discusses at length are any sudden piety, marked ennui, or increased conceitedness (, –). His Criminal Psychology was first published in  and achieved four editions by . Henri F. Ellenberger (, ) puts forward an earlier work by Gross as a possible inspiration for the Freudian theory of slips of the tongue.

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