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I do not like laptop books that deal with you're keen on a child: you want to battle through chapters and chapters earlier than the writer begins not easy you. now not this one. TIJ reads like a talk, strikes quick and is often dazzling you with attention-grabbing programming snippets. Its really loads of enjoyable to learn and hard to place down!

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Explain that not all of the namespaces are taught in their entirety. NET), only in terms of versioning. NET). NET). NET Assemblies. NET Framework 1 Overview Topic Objective To provide an overview of the module topics and objectives. Lead-in ! NET Framework ! NET Framework. You will then learn about the namespaces and which modules teach certain namespaces. NET Framework provides tools and technologies that you need to build distributed Web applications. NET Framework. NET Framework class library is divided into namespaces, and which namespaces are taught in this course.

Lead-in This course covers many of the System namespaces. Security namespaces. NET Framework. Console namespace for printing output to the console. Drawing namespaces for building a form with buttons that interacts with the user. Reflection namespace for storing version and key file information in an assembly. Collections for maintaining collections of data. IO namespace for reading and writing to files. Sockets namespaces for transmitting data over the network. Serialization namespace for persisting objects to storage.

Has a Built-In Common Type System ! Is Extensible ! NET Framework class library exposes features of the runtime and provides other high-level services that every developer needs. NET Framework class library, classes are grouped into namespaces. The first part of the full name, which is located before the rightmost dot, is the namespace name. The last part of the name, which is located after the dot, is the type name. Collections namespace. Collections namespace can be used to manipulate collections of objects.

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