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By Jeremy Black, Andrew George, Nicholas Postgate

ISBN-10: 3447042648

ISBN-13: 9783447042642

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Ilkakatu 1 alkanniwe (part of a vehicle) Nuzi; < Hurr. ); < alaku alku II "course" of canal, "region along the bank" NB; < Aram. all... also = ana i.. alia "beyond; apart from" j/NB 1. prep, (also wr. al) "beyond, past; more than; apart from"; in comparative clauses instead of eli 2. : alia ana, alia ina "beyond, past; apart from" 3. adv. "instead, rather"; < ana I + la; allanum allahavum —• annuharu allak "hub (of a wheel)" M/jB lex. allakkanis alianu I allaku "always moving" M/jB; < alaku allaku "traveller, messenger; agent" j/NB; < alaku allallu I (a kind of bird)jB allalluH, allallu * "powerful" j/NB epith.

Apru(m) in aprussa "with head covered" OB of woman; < aparu apru —• also abru II aprusu (a plant) jB, NA as drug; oil, seed, flour of a. apsammUakku —• apusammikku apsasti(m); f. apsasalitu(m) 1. (an exotic bovid) 2. ZA]; < S u m . AB)] 1. , as home of fish, location of foundations; kar a. " (a ritual place) 2. "(deities of) the apsu" 3. (a primeval deity) 4. NA ? , NB (a water tank in temple) 5. j/NB bit a. ABZU]; < S u m . apsitum "agreed allocation" OB of division of land, "contingent" of troops; < Sum.

Antuwasalli, antupsalli (a high Hitt. ; < Hitt. Anu(m) I, OB usu. Annum "An(um)" (the god of heaven) OAkk, Bab. ; < Sum. anu III "(the cuneiform sign) AN" M/jB [AN] anu IV (a syn. for wood or tree) jB lex. y warka a. ) unumma "now", esp. , jB lex. [Ug. -adv. ; < anumma anumma nu m —• annummanum anumme —• anummami anummike "there" Bogh. ; < anumma anummu anumma Anunitu —• Annunitu A n u n n a k k u , occas. NE)] 1. OB, M/jB the gods as a whole 2. M/NB the gods of the earth and netherworld; < Sum.

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