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Quantity eleven, N elements 1 and a couple of (2 vols)

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Change of mood, 5. revolt, 6. part of a field left fallow, 7. excess, 8. revolution of a planet; from OA, OB on; pl. nabalkatatu, NB nabalkattanu; wr. syll. BAL, BAL; cf. nabalkutu v. bal = na-bal-kit-ti Hh. = xKR na-bal-kdt-ti (vars. nab-bal-kdt-tum, Ju-balku-te) Hh. II 303. 1. crossing, scaling, burglary - a) crossing: ana na-ba-al-ka-at-ti sadim ittalku they went to cross the mountain Bottero Lc probleme des Habiru 22 No. ); elips pdti uitebelkitma utesbit u na-ba-al-ka-at-tum [x x] I brought the boats to the other side and made them fast, but the crossing [...

Inesu DUL-ma BAL(var. ME)-ma ibid. 80:1; if the whites of his eyes BAL-ut-ma are rolled back ibid. 50 G: 3-6, also (said of sulmu pupil) ibid. MES ibid. 208:89. BAL-at (see agi B mng. 2) CT 39 19:128 (SB Alu); ersetu BAL-it RAcc. 34:16. f) summa to overturn (said of a tree): Lugale II 43, see in lex. section. g) to have lost resilience (said of a bow): qaSatni tabtu ib-bal-kit-ma our good bow has lost resilience (and is too hard to string for our strength) Cagni Erra I 89. 4. subalkutu (causative to mngs.

6:17 (- MDP 22 74); see also tasni. BAL-du mannu sa ib-bal-lak-kat-u-ni mannu sa ... ina ADD 376 r. 4, mannu sa ina muhhi manni i-bal-kat-u-ni ADD 780:11; note mannu ... BAL GIL-u-ni TCL 9 63:9, also sa BAL-ka t-tu-u-ni GIL-u-ni matima i-bal-kat-u-ni ADD 216:7, BAL-kat-u-[... ] AJSL 42 192 r. 5. 8' in NB: Aa ib-ba-lak-ki-tu, x kaspa inandin Dar. 316:22, also sa it-ta-bal-ki-tu x kaspa inandin Dar. 25:10, and passim; a ib-bal-lak-kit x kaspa iturru RA 25 77 No. 2 r. 3, also sa it-ta-bal-ki-tu x kaspa iturru VAS 6 196:13, and passim; sa it-ta-bal-kdt x kaspa uallam VAS 5 50:21, also da it-ta-balki-tu x kaspa usallam TuM 2-3 134:17, cf.

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