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By Rebecca Margolis

ISBN-10: 0415555213

ISBN-13: 9780415555210

Basic Yiddish: A Grammar and Workbook includes an available reference grammar with comparable routines in one volume.

The workbook is established around 25 brief units, each presenting relevant grammar issues which are explained using a number of examples in jargon-free language.

Basic Yiddish is appropriate for either classification use in addition to autonomous research. Key positive factors include:

  • a transparent, obtainable structure
  • many worthy language examples 
  • jargon-free causes of grammar
  • abundant routines with a whole resolution key

Clearly awarded and elementary, Basic Yiddish provides readers with the basic instruments to precise themselves in a large choice of events, making it a terrific grammar reference and perform source for either newbies and scholars with a few wisdom of the language.

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In English, adverbs are often identifiable by their “-ly” ending (examples: quickly, happily, completely). In Yiddish, uninflected adjectives serve as adverbs. ” Adverbs never inflect. They can appear after the verb or in other places in the sentence (see discussion of “word order” in this text). Adverbs of manner Adverbs of manner answer the question “how (in what way)” or “how much”? In Yiddish, adverbs can be formed from adjectives by their taking on the base forms. These never inflect. Note: Not all adjectives can form adverbs (example: other).

1. Read! / 2. Be! (1 person, informal) 1. Read! / 2. Be! ‫–ט‬ Form singular, informal plural/ formal The particle ‫ זשע‬placed immediately after the verb serves as an intensifier. Example: Go on and eat! ‫עס זשע‬ 43 Summary: basic rules of Yiddish word order 8 Yiddish word order 1: verb position, direct questions, the second person conjugation of the imperative mood (direct commands) 4+ 3 whatever the remains uninflected verb 2/3 ‫ניט‬ 2 any of the the following: inflected direct object verb* pronoun, indirect object pronoun, adverbs of time and, place, subject noun, subject pronoun 1 0 any unit but the inflected verb* non-unit words such as exclamations or conjunctions *Exceptions: “yes/no” questions, commands.

Reminder: With a few exceptions (proper names and a handful of nouns such as “father”), nouns do not inflect for case. Their forms change only in the plural. Rather, it is the word “the” and the attributive adjective in a noun phrase that decline.

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