Anto Aravinth's Beginning Functional JavaScript. Functional Programming with PDF

By Anto Aravinth

ISBN-10: 1484226569

ISBN-13: 9781484226568

Learn useful programming options utilizing JavaScript ES6. you'll research ideas akin to currying, partial services, higher-order services, and monads.

Programming languages have developed from concentrating on approaches to things and now on function. JavaScript supports useful programming and permits builders to jot down well-crafted code.

What you'll Learn:   

  • Master practical programming concepts
  • Identify how features are handled in JavaScript
  • Understand real-world sensible libraries and create a useful library that mimics underscore.js
  • Perform pure-error dealing with ideas similar to functors and monads
  • Discover ES6 useful gains corresponding to unfold operators and generators

Who This ebook Is For:

JavaScript builders (or newcomers) who are looking to comprehend practical programming innovations and the practical nature of the language.

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The every function takes two arguments: an array and a function. It checks if all the elements of the array are evaluated to true by the passed function. The implementation looks like this as shown in Listing 3-8: Listing 3-8. length;i++) result = result && fn(arr[i]) return result } 37 Chapter 3 ■ Higher-Order Functions Here we are simply iterating over the passed array and calling the fn by passing the current content of the array element at the iteration. Note that the passed fn should be returning a Boolean value.

So when the user of the forEach function calls it like this: forEach([1,2,3],(data) => { //data is passed from forEach function //to this current function as argument }) 34 Chapter 3 ■ Higher-Order Functions forEach essentially traverses the array. What about traversing a JavaScript object? Traversing a JavaScript object has steps like this: 1. Iterate all the keys of the given object. 2. Identify that the key belongs to its own object. 3. Get the value of the key if step 2 is true. Let’s abstract these steps into a higher-order function named forEachObject: Listing 3-5.

Data is something that is very important for the consumption of our written program to execute. Hence almost all programming languages give several data for the programmer to work with. For example, we can store the name of a person in String data type. JavaScript offers several data types that we will be seeing in the next subsection. At the end of the section, we will be introduced to a solid definition of higher-order functions, with simple and concise examples. Understanding JavaScript Data Types Every programming language has data types.

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Beginning Functional JavaScript. Functional Programming with JavaScript using EcmaScript 6 by Anto Aravinth

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