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Pp Chapter 2. 3 Nasalised vowels Nasalisation is a distinctive feature in Bangla. Although it is impossible to produce minimal pairs for each vowel separately, all vowels in Bangla can be nasalised and there are plenty of minimal pairs to be found. Nasalisation as a whole is therefore a phonemic factor. /a/ is by far the most common vowel in Bangla to be nasalised. 4 Semivowel/glide ŷ which is derived from the consonant y is called ontostho �. It is used between vowels as a glide or semivowel. ŷ has two different pronunciations, based on location in the mouth.

Initial medial final amar mine bhalo good m�ja fun /�/ a mid-low mid-back open vowel as in pot. b�la say, speak, b�nna flood. This sound represents one of the two possible pronunciations of the inherent vowel in ­Bangla. It forms minimal pairs with /a/ (c�la move – cala thatch) and with /o/ (m�ja fun – moja socks). It can occur in initial and medial position. initial medial �lpo a little g�lpo story /o/ a mid-high, closed, mid-back vowel as in French mot. chôbi picture, mot� total, môdhu honey.

The second vowel will constitute a new syllable and be written as a full vowel, eg da-o, ke-u, du-i, ni-u b. the semivowel (glide) ŷ serves as the linking element, eg pri-ŷo, me-ŷe, ba-ŷu, o-ŷala Bangla words of more than four or five syllables are likely to be compounded of smaller units and contain pre- or suffixes or reduplications. 3 Vowel harmony Vowel harmony is the principle of inertia applied to language in general and to the pronunciation of sounds in particular. It means that vowels in adjacent syllables have a tendency to move closer together so that less effort is needed to produce the sounds.

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