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The logarithmic output of the photomultiplier tubes can then be summed, amplified by a linear amplifier, monitored for coincidence, and finally analyzed by the pulse height analyzers. This approach is identical to that shown in Fig. 24, except that the amplifier is linear and that the summing circuit adds the logarithmic signals. Note, however, that in a 36 2. Principles of Liquid Scintillation Counting linear system summing involves addition of the signal outputs, whereas the summing of logarithms is equivalent to multiplication.

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The major weakness of the channels ratio technique is in the analysis of samples containing small amounts of radioactivity, for which the time required to accumulate a statistically acceptable number of counts may become prohibitive. The channels ratio method is independent of the volume of the sample and has the following advantages over internal standardization. 1. No additional time is required for efficiency determination as is required in the internal standard method. 2. The sample does not require rehandling, thus eliminating accidental loss of the sample because of carelessness.

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