David Western's Booms, bubbles, and busts in US stock markets PDF

By David Western

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In the USA inventory industry issues have replaced greatly because the heady days of the Nineteen Eighties and we're now getting into an period of profound uncertainty, with so much analysts predicting difficulty forward. certainly, the alarming decline of the NASDAQ exhibits no signal of abating and the terror is that conventional industries may be the subsequent to chew the dirt. September eleventh has merely additional to the gloomy mood.

A trouble-free assessment of the internal workings of the USA inventory market, this booklet examines the present industry stipulations prior to on reflection to the occasions of the previous century - the nice melancholy, the Seventies oil main issue, the party-for-the-rich surroundings of the Nineteen Eighties and the emergence of the recent economic system.

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Why the stock bubble? Real fundamentals could not explain the explosion in US stock prices in the 1990s. Stock prices rose sixfold in this decade while labour productivity only doubled. This large escalation gap can be partially explained by investor behaviour in response to biased economic incentives—although some of this behaviour possessed no base but was indeed pure speculation. What remained as rational investor response was based on tax incentives, generous stock option packages for CEOs, corporate manipulation of profit results, low interest rates, low inflation rates and higher expected productivity growth.

Warning signals: why not switch? There were several warning lights flashing in the 1990s that stocks were indeed overvalued. So why did the majority of investors not switch out of stocks and into bonds, money market mutual funds, gold, real estate or other hard assets? This question has already been partially answered—that stockbrokers pushed the line that investing in stocks was a ‘one-way street’—and pointed to Siegal’s research that stocks persistently beat bonds. So why would the individual investor stray from age-old wisdom?

We should also not forget the anchor of stock valuations—namely the riskfree rate on the ten-year bond. If the risk-free rate is 4 per cent then risk-neutral stock investors could pay P/E ratios of up to 25. Or if the risk-free rate is 5 per cent then P/E ratios for stocks of 20 could be justified. 3). We know that a risk-free rate of 3 per cent is not likely in 2004–5 and so we should not look towards high stock valuations and P/E ratios of 3 3. Except of course there is a sound expectation that this year’s EPS will accelerate and so justify higher P/ E ratios at the margin.

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