Trevor Burnham's CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development PDF

By Trevor Burnham

ISBN-10: 1934356786

ISBN-13: 9781934356784

For 15 years, dynamic web pages has been written in one language: JavaScript. Now, for the 1st time, programmers have an alternate that doesn't upload an additional layer of abstraction or require plugins. CoffeeScript offers all of JavaScript's performance wrapped in a cleanser, extra succinct syntax that encourages use of "the stable parts" of the language.

CoffeeScript: speeded up JavaScript Development is aimed toward programmers who are looking to get a grip in this new language whereas enhancing their knowing of JavaScript. You'll find out about time-saving positive aspects like checklist comprehensions and splats, manage your code into modules with extensible sessions, and get your toes rainy with jQuery via development a fast paced notice game.

The publication additionally introduces Node.js, the major server-side JavaScript atmosphere. Node and CoffeeScript grow to be an excellent fit, permitting you to improve the back and front ends of an online program within the similar language. With CoffeeScript on your toolkit, you could write nice code anyplace.

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Of course, as you probably inferred from the section heading, there’s an even more succinct way of doing this: ringFireAlarm = (isDrill = true) -> ... ” There are two reasons. First, the existential operator is sweet. Second, the behavior of default arguments in CoffeeScript is somewhat different from that of other programming languages like Ruby, Python, and PHP. In those languages, the number of arguments passed to the function is what matters—the isDrill = true assignment would only be carried out if ringFireAlarm was called with no arguments.

Instead, you make an assignment, traditionally with null or some more sensible initial value. Here’s an example: obj = null initializeObj = -> obj = ... onload = initializeObj That does it for our discussion of scope in CoffeeScript. And now for something completely different: this. ”) Scope and context are kissing cousins, but don’t get ’em mixed up. While scope is about which variable an identifier is referring to, context (also known as the receiver) is about the this keyword—and its handy CoffeeScript shorthand, @.

Can you think of a reason why this rule is in place? ) 5. baz()? What about @hoo()? rah()? 6. x refers to a variable that obeys scoping rules, while @x refers to a variable that obeys context rules. x and @x can be equivalent. If they are, then what is what? log @x what = {x: 'quantum entanglement'} 7. Will this code work? ' showAnswer() Explain why or why not. report erratum • discuss We've left this page blank to make the page numbers the same in the electronic and paper books. We tried just leaving it out, but then people wrote us to ask about the missing pages.

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