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By Tsetan Chonjore, Andrea Abinanti.

ISBN-10: 8186470301

ISBN-13: 9788186470305

24 cm. - a textbook of the Lhasa dialect : with regard grammar and workouts : a contextual procedure /
A Textbook for the Lhasa DialectColloquial Tibetanis the results of the authors event as a Tibetan language instructor to international scholars for 18 lengthy years. It covers an in depth grammatical research of the Lhasa colloquial and clarifies the similarities and ameliorations among literary and Lhasa colloquial grammar. In an easy model, the writer follows a contextual educating technique introducing distinctive types equivalent to the personal/impersonal viewpoint, the evidential different types carried through verbs and conjugations, the time-based point of the language and so forth.

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Gradually Tibetans started having more contact with foreigners. They were introduced to the modern world and various inventions, etc. Due to new ideas or concepts, words that Tibetans had no equivalent for were incorporated into the language. Mixed nouns are nouns which combine both a Tibetan word and a foreign word. ·~·~llr]bicycle. ·means 'foot' in Tibetan, while ~·~~·~means 'wheel' or 'vehicle' in Hindi or Nepali. 9~· body + visible + air + message television ~~il·~· airplane i~·Q~' movie electricity + image ;r~C)~rr:l\·~ sound + collect + wheel cassette recorder Foreign Influenced Nouns: a.

Qj' ...... ,... ~· "' g. ,... ~· 4' iii- (4) Read the following words: 1'fl' ~·~· alphabet parents V. ~· ~:,·g. _. ~·~· ~· ~ mother water curd he The Seven Elements of Tibetan Word Formation Chart 6 shows how Tibetan letters can be combined to make a word. The particular placing of these letters is referred to as elements. There may be as many as seven elements in a complex word, however, simple words may use only one or two. Chart 6 The Seven Elements 3 Supetined letter 5 Prefix--~ ~ ~ 9 - - 7 Post-suffix ""-6 1 Root letter Suffix "2Vowel 4 subjoined letter (1) Root Letter: All the basic syllables, from 11r (ka} to~· (a), can occur as root letters.

I'Tl-4). , knee, knife, gnaw, wrong, brochure, bronchitis, picture, archeology, psychology, climb, often, draught, etc. the same applies to Tibetan. Students must not only take particular care in learning the correct spelling of words, but they must also learn the proper pronunciation of the various letter combinations. , the prefix, the suffix, the superjoined letters, the subjoined letters, as well as the word that follows. ), but even within the same suffix group more than one sound change may occur.

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