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By Lucia M. Vaina, Richard E. Passingham

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Within the past due Nineteen Sixties and early Seventies David Marr produced 3 magnificent papers during which he gave a close account of ways the fantastic constitution and identified phone sorts of the cerebellum, hippocampus and neocortex practice the features that they do. Marr went directly to develop into one of many major founders of Computational Neuroscience. In his vintage paintings 'Vision' he uncommon among the computational, algorithmic, and implementational degrees, and the 3 early theories involved implementation. in spite of the fact that, they have been produced whilst Neuroscience was once in its infancy.

Now that much more is understood, it really is well timed to revisit those early theories to determine to what volume they're nonetheless legitimate and what should be altered to provide plausible theories that face up to present proof.

This ebook brings jointly the most distinctive scientists of their fields to guage Marr's legacy. After a normal creation there are 3 chapters at the cerebellum, 3 at the hippocampus and at the neocortex. The publication ends with an appreciation of the lifetime of David Marr by means of Lucia Vaina.

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These findings have been interpreted to indicate that a memory trace of OKR adaptation experienced by mice is initially acquired in PF–​PC synapses by LTD as a short-​term memory (for fast adaptation). , 2011). These observations suggest an important role of nuclear LTP in cerebellar memory, at least in the vestibulocerebellar system. Miles and Lisberger (1981) and Medina and Mauk (1999) assumed that PCs act as a teacher for nuclear synaptic plasticity, but Yamazaki et al. (2015) reproduced the memory transfer simply by applying the bidirectional Hebbian rule to MF–​VN synapses.

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