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By Steve Teixeira, Xavier Pacheco

ISBN-10: 0672317818

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Select from the list by clicking an event handler name. Deleting event handlers When you delete a component using the Form Designer, Delphi removes the component from the form’s type declaration. It does not, however, delete any associated methods from the unit file, since these methods may still be called by other components on the form. You can manually delete a method—such as an event handler—but if you do so, be sure to delete both the method’s forward declaration (in the interface section of the unit) and its implementation (in the implementation section); otherwise you’ll get a compiler error when you build your project.

Support for COM controls is available in all editions of Delphi. To create ActiveX controls, you need the Professional, Client/Server, or Enterprise edition. To create MTS servers, you need the Client/Server or Enterprise edition. 1 to indicate special text. 1 Typefaces and symbols Typeface or symbol Meaning Monospace type Monospaced text represents text as it appears on screen or in Object Pascal code. It also represents anything you must type. [] Square brackets in text or syntax listings enclose optional items.

The socket components are available in the Professional version as well. • Part IV, “Creating custom components,” describes how to design and implement your own components, and how to make them available on the Component palette of the IDE. A component can be almost any program element that you want to manipulate at design time. Implementing custom components entails deriving a new class from an existing class type in the VCL class library. • Part V, “Developing COM-based applications,” describes how to build applications that can interoperate with other COM-based API objects on the system such as Win95 Shell extensions or multimedia applications.

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