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By Peter Boyd-Bowman

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ISBN-13: 9780878400775

This instruction manual deals a synopsis of the commonplace alterations that Latin phrases underwent during their evolution into the fashionable Romance languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French). even though it is meant for the nonspecialist, scholars of Romance philology will locate it important as a prepared reference and as a resource of plentiful examples of Latin sound alterations.

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Sp: cartero 39. Fr: huissier 40. Eng: ovation < previous page page_20 next page > < previous page next page > page_21 Page 21 Rule 3 -ATICU * Rule: The suffix -ATICU, originally adjectival, became a fertile collective noun suffix in Provencal* and Old French, whence it was borrowed by the other Romance tongues. Corresponding to French -age [-a:z*] we find Italian -aggio [-adzo*], Spanish -aje [-axe], and Portuguese -agem [-azeu*]. VIATICU* (< VIA* `way') *LINGUATICU* (< LINGUA* `tongue') *SILVATICU* (SALVATICU*) (< SILVA* `forest') *CORATICUM* (< COR* `heart') *PA(G)ENSATICU* (< PAGENSE `district') *LINATICU* (< LINU* `line') *HOMINATICU* (< HOMINE* `man') (LL) ABANTE `forward' plus -ATICU Italian Spanish viaggio viaje Portuguese viagem linguaggio lenguaje linguagem selvaggio salvaje coraggio French voyage English cognate voyage language selvagem langage `style of expression' sauvage savage coraje `anger' coragem courage courage paesaggio paisaje paisagem paysage `landscape' linaggio linaje linagem -- lineage omaggio homenaje (h)omenagem hommage homage vantaggio ventaja vantagem avantage (ad)vantage < previous page page_21 next page > < previous page page_22 next page > Page 22 Note 1.

15.  16.  17.  18.  19.  20.  . Group B 1. Sp: delgado 2. Eng: chimney 3. Sp: mancha 4. Sp: llegar 5. Eng: chapel 6. Fr: châlet 7. Eng: mosque 8. Sp: liar 9. Eng: abrogate 10. Fr: chaudière 11. It: canzone 12. Fr: chancre 13. Fr: fumée 14. Eng: apocopate 15. Fr: chenu 16. Eng: garden 17. It: cavallo 18. Eng: leader 19. Sp: deleite 20. Fr: jambe 21. Eng: litigate 22. Fr: doyen 23. It: capello 24. Fr: mouche 25. Fr: chasser 26. Ptg: fumear 27. Fr: manquer 28. Fr: avoué 29. Sp: caudillo 30. Sp: caudal 31.

RY, p. 115). Rule: The common Latin suffix -ARIU(S)* became -áio (sometimes -aro) in Italian, developed (via -airo) to Ptg: -eiro and Sp: -ero, while in Fr the result was -ier (fem. -ière). )' riviera** ribeira rivière FURNARIU* `baker' fornaio ribera `beach, strand' hornero forneiro fournier ((boulanger)) OP(E)RARIU* `worker' JAN(U)ARIU* `January' FEBR(U)ARIU* `February' CAL(I)DARIA* `cauldron' USURARIU* `usurer' DENARIU* `penny'* PRIMARIU* `first' SCUTARIU* `shield-bearer' MAR(I)NARIU* `sailor' Italian Spanish operaio (table continued on next page) French English cognate denier primer, premier squire, esquire mariner, (Silas) Marner river furnace < previous page page_18 next page > < previous page next page > page_19 Page 19 (table continued from previous page) Italian Spanish Portuguese cozinheira French English cognate COQUINARIA * cucinaia cocinera cuisinière `cook' *The British monetary symbols £ --s --d stand for Latin libra (pound), sestertius (shilling), and denarius (penny), respectively.

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