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By David Gowler

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This detailed reception heritage of the Epistle of James is a fashionable addition to the Blackwell Bible Commentaries sequence. Written by way of a good New testomony expert, it chronicles the key theological, political, and aesthetic responses to the textual content over the centuries, and to James as a old figure.

  • Surveys the numerous theological, cultural, literary, political, and inventive makes use of of the Epistle of James, and the wider impact his letters have had in the course of the ages
  • Includes huge excerpts delivering very important historiographical context
  • Examines James’s influence on pop culture, together with examples corresponding to Charles Schulz’s Peanuts
  • Unearths various ignored writings and opens entry to fabric no longer on hand elsewhere

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This distinct reception background of the Epistle of James is a popular addition to the Blackwell Bible Commentaries sequence. Written via an excellent New testomony professional, it chronicles the most important theological, political, and aesthetic responses to the textual content over the centuries, and to James as a historic determine.

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Helvidius has antecedents to which he can refer. Tertullian, for example, uses the fact that Jesus has “brothers” to argue against Marcion’s idea that Jesus was not “born”: We now come to the most strenuously-plied argument of all those who call in question the Lord’s nativity. ” In this manner heretics either wrest plain and simple words to any sense they choose by Introduction 31 their conjectures, or else they violently resolve by a literal interpretation words which imply a conditional sense and are incapable of a simple solution, as in this passage.

Though I would not thereby prevent anyone from including or extolling him as he pleases, for there are otherwise many good sayings in him” (LW 35: 397; editions prior to 1530 were more critical of James). 12 Introduction As my chapter entitled “James 2:14–26” explains, near the end of his life, Luther made another (in)famous comment about James at the Licentiate Examination of Heinrich Schmedenstede (1542). This exchange reflects, most likely, Luther’s frustration with his Roman Catholic opponents using James against his views.

John Chrysostom, Bede, John Cassian, and John Wesley). , 2:7; 5:7–8, 14–15). In addition, James never quotes Jesus by name, but it does echo teachings of Jesus extensively. Joseph Mayor, for example, states that James contains more of the teachings of Jesus (as found in the Gospels) than “in all the other Epistles put together” and perhaps may have “preserved sayings of our Lord not recorded in the Gospels” (1990: 81; see also the correspondences postulated by Adamson 1989: 169–95; cf. Deppe 1989; Batten 2009: 72–83; Johnson 2004: 136–54; Hartin 2004: 101–7; Kloppenborg 2007; McCartney 2009: 49–52, 71).

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