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By Cathal J. Nolan

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A entire and built-in army, political, and strategic background of worldwide warfare II, starting from the everyday life of conscripts and civilians to operational and strategic choice making on the optimum levels.

• 1000s of concise entries on all aspects of global struggle II, ranging way past the common specialise in the West and on battle-to-battle recaps

• a hundred pictures and 20 maps provide vital information regarding international battle II

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Lii Author’s Note German operational code names are sometimes used for main entry heads, but cross-referenced to an English-language term so that readers will have no difficulty finding the entry. Campaign terminology in Soviet and Russian histories is often lengthy and awkward in English translation, as in Rzhev-Viazma strategic operation. Nevertheless, it is used in this encyclopedia as delineating an important historiographical tradition. I am fully aware that, on occasion, that tradition was deliberately misleading to serve postwar Stalinist interests.

Better known is that dread of more war and satisfaction with the peace on the winning side was opposed by a deep desire for revenge and a revolutionary overthrow of the Great War’s outcome by many of those in the losing camp. Dissatisfaction in support of violence was even felt by populations in some countries, most notably Italy and Japan, which numbered among the victors of 1918. Historians point to many other connections between the world wars: German and other national dissatisfaction with the Versailles system and international order; competitive, militant nationalisms among a host of injured or newly minted countries that nursed real and imagined grievances across several generations; confl icting imperial ideologies and interests; unresolved territorial issues; the growing capacity for total mobilization of whole societies and economies for industrialized war; emergence of new military technologies accompanied by aggressive, offensive fighting doctrines; and ever more clearly as time recedes, the path to genocide that is traceable from the Ottoman slaughter of Armenians in 1915 to the Shoah, the mass murder of European Jews, and to multiple other ethnic holocausts and horrors of the early 1940s.

1902–1969) Popular Front Porramous Portal, Charles (1893–1971) Portugal portyanki Potsdam Conference (July 17– August 2, 1945) Potsdam Declaration (July 26, 1945) Pound, Dudley (1877–1943) POW Prague Rising (1945) prearranged fire precision bombing PREDATOR predicted fire Pripet Marshes prisoners of war prize rules Prokhorovka, Battle of (1943) propaganda Proskurov-Cherovitrsy operation (March–April, 1944) Protocols of the Elders of Zion proximity fuze psychological warfare PT-boat Pulk punji stakes purge trials PURPLE Purple Heart Pu Yi (1906–1967) PVO PW PX PzKpfw Qatarra Depression QM Q-ships QUADRANT Quaker gun xxxiv quarantine Quartermaster Corps (QMC) Québec conference (August 17–24, 1943) Québec conference (September 12–16, 1944) Quezon, Manuel (1878–1944) Quisling, Vidkun (1887–1945) Quit India movement RAAF Rabaul Rabe, John (1882–1950) radar radio Raeder, Erich (1876–1960) RAF Raider Battalions Raiding Forces rail guns RAIL WAR (1943) railway guns railways RAINBOW Plans Ramsay, Bertram (1883–1945) RAN Rangers RANKIN plans Rapallo, Treaty of (April 16, 1922) Rapallo, Treaty of (November 12, 1920) rape rasputitsa Rassenkampf Rastenberg Forest Rata Rat Express rations ratlines Rattenkrieg RAUBTIER (March 1942) Raumnachtjadg Ravensbrück R-boat RCAF List of Entries RCM RCN RDF recce recoilless guns recon reconnaissance by fire Red Army Red Army Air Force (VVS) Red Ball Express Red Banner Division Red Cross Red Devils Red Fleet Red Orchestra REFORGER réfractaires refugees REGENBOGEN (May 1945) Regia Aeronautica Regia Marina regiment Regio Esercito Reich Reichenau order (October 10, 1941) Reichenau, Walter von (1884–1942) Reichsbahn Reichsführer-SS Reichskommissariat Ostland Reichskommissariat Ukraine Reichsluftschutzbund Reichssicherheithauptampt (RSHA) Reichstag Reichsverteidigung (RVT) Reichswald, Battle of (1945) Reichswehr REINHARD Reinhard Line Reinhardt, Georg-Hans (1887–1963) religion Remagen bridge reparations repatriation (postwar) Replacement Army Replacement Training Centers (RTC) Replenishment-at-Sea (RAS) reprisals Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) resistance Résistance (French) resistance (German) RETRIBUTION Reynaud, Paul (1878–1966) Rhine Rhineland Rhino Ferry Ribbentrop, Joachim “von” (1893–1946) rifle company rifle corps rifle division righteous Gentiles Rikusentai Rimini Brigade RING (January 1943) Riom trial (1942) Ritterkreuz River Plate, Battle of (December 1939) RKKA RN Road of Life rockets Röhm Purge Röhm, Ernst (1887–1934) Röhm Purge Rokossovsky, Konstantin Konstantinovich (1896–1968) rolling barrage Roma Rommel, Erwin (1881–1944) Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882–1945) Rosenberg, Alfred (1893–1946) Rosenberg, Julius (1918–1953) Rote Drei Rote Kapelle Rotte Rotterdam bombing (May 14, 1940) xxxv List of Entries ROUNDUP Royal Air Force (RAF) Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Royal Hellenic Army Royal Navy (RN) RSHA rubber Ruhr Ruhr, Battle of (1945) Ruhr dams Rumania RUMIANTSEV (August 3–28, 1943) Rundstedt, Gerd von (1875–1953) ruses de guerre Russia Russian Liberation Army (ROA) Ruthenia Rybalko, Pavel S.

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