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By Georg von Rauch

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Kropotkin's moment quantity keeps his interpretation of this ancient occasion by way of targeting the conflict among the Jacobins and their competitors - the Hebertistes, Enrages and Anarchists. during this conflict among authoritarians and anti-authoritarians, Kropotkin attracts out the origins of Marxism and Leninism in the Jacobins.

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Aleksandr Nikitenko, descended from once-free Cossacks, was once born into serfdom in provincial Russia in 1804. considered one of 300,000 serfs owned by means of count number Sheremetev, Nikitenko as grew to become fiercely made up our minds to realize his freedom. during this memorable and relocating ebook, the following translated into English for the 1st time, Nikitenko recalls the main points of his youth and adolescence in servitude in addition to the six-year fight that eventually introduced him into freedom in 1824.

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Simply weeks earlier than her homicide, Rosa Luxemburg informed her comrades:
"Today we will heavily set approximately destroying capitalism once
and for all.
"Nay, extra; now not in basic terms are we this day capable of practice this
task, now not basically is its functionality an obligation towards the proletariat, but
our resolution deals the single technique of saving human society from destruction. "
Such used to be the conviction that guided her life.
To an international simply rising from the holocaust of the 1st international War
her phrases had a pointy immediacy. Fifty years and several other devastating
wars later, the choice she poses - socialism or extermination -
still is still the alternative dealing with humanity.
- From the creation via Mary-Alice Waters

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A variety of papers from a convention held in honour of Professor Hugh Seton-Watson at the party of his retirement in l983. the purpose of the participants is to demonstrate the position of the historian within the political lifetime of primary and East eu countries.

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A n d now Lenin hammered his program of action into the ears of his audiences: liquidation of the standing army and the police, liquidation of the bureaucracy, socialization of the banks, control by the workers of production and distribution of goods, division of the land among the peasants. The effect of his first speech was tremendous. No one had expected such a degree of radicalism. "I shall never forget the speech," writes the Socialist N . Sukhanov, "which broke like lightning over the assembly and shook and confused not only me .

His speech sounded staccato and unmusical. * But they, too, were aware of its persuasive power. A n d nowhere was it more effective than among the working class. He communicated the irresistible feeling that here was a man of the people, although neither by birth nor occupation could Lenin be called a proletarian, ^ u t even beyond these circles grew"tEeconviction that the millions of the downtrodden and oppressed in the great country of Russia had at last found a spokesman in this thick-set man with the intellectual brow and the diabolic glitter in his eyes; a spokesman who really wanted selflessly to serve their cause and not his own.

The last common Party Congress convened in London in May, 1907. Among the Bolsheviks attending, aside from Lenin, were Voroshilov, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Stalin and Maxim Gorky; among the Mensheviks besides Plekhanov, Axelrod, Martov, the Georgian Irakli Tseretelli achieved notice; and among the Polish delegates, Rosa Luxemburg. 105 Bolshevik delegates and 97 Mensheviks attended. The Polish, Latvian and Jewish Social Democrats were again represented; the first two cooperated with the Bolsheviks, the latter with the Mensheviks.

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