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By Gerald Edelman, Giulio Tononi

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In A Universe of realization, Gerald Edelman builds at the radical rules he brought in his enormous trilogy-Neural Darwinism, Topobiology, and The Remembered Present-to current for the 1st time an empirically supported full-scale thought of realization. He and the neurobiolgist Giulio Tononi convey how they use inventive know-how to realize the main minute mind currents and to spot the explicit mind waves that correlate with specific awake studies. the result of this pioneering paintings problem the normal knowledge approximately consciousness.

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In most states of consciousness, there is an awareness of being situated or located in time and space and an awareness of our bodies, types of awareness that are clearly based on many different sources of information. There is also often a conscious fringe, which has to do with feelings of familiarity, of being right or wrong, of being satisfied or not. There can be, as well, all those refined discriminations that are the essence of culture and art. Finally, conscious experience varies in its intensity; the global level of alertness can range from relaxed slumbering to the hypervigilant state of the fighter pilot in action, and sensory perception can be more or less vivid.

Most of these cortical areas are assembled as maps: Neighboring neurons from one area connect with neighboring neurons in another. Different cerebral cortical areas and their associated thalamic nuclei are also specialized; some areas deal with visual stimuli, for instance, while others deal with acoustic stimuli and still others with tactile stimuli. Moreover, in the visual system, for example, different areas deal with different submodalities; some with visual form, others with color, still others with movement, and so on.

To avoid becoming mired too deeply in philosophical arguments, we should ponder the following: Being and Describing. Being comes first, describing second. If consciousness is a physical process, albeit a special one, only embodied beings can experience consciousness as individuals, and formal descriptions cannot supplant or provide such experience. No description can take the place of the individual subjective experience of conscious qualia. The physicist Schrödinger once put it this way: No scientific theory itself contains sensations and perceptions.

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