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By Mieke Bal

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Strauss's kinship theory is premised upon the rejection of traditional psychological and sociological explanations of the incest taboo. He asserts that the incest taboo is a social 'intervention' which mediates between nature and culture. Incest prohibits the exchanges and alliances of 'goods' which are necessary to the survival and flourishing of culture. Therefore, incest is 'taboo' so that culture would persist. In The Elementary Structures of Kinship, he writes: Man's (sic) sexual life is itself external to the group, firstly, in being the highest expression of animal nature, and the most significant survivor of instinct, and secondly, in that its ends are to satisfy individual desires, which, as is known, hold little respect for social conventions, and specific tendencies, which...

The symbolic substitutions, while surely a gain for humanity, do not really change but perpetuate the basic premise; that the child is the appropriate sacrifice. Seed and soil, as a metaphor of conception, is deeply embedded in our culture. Not only has it been a powerful influence in shaping attitudes toward the sexes, but it has also been elaborated in sophisticated religious, philosophical and psychological speculation, from Aristotle to Freud. The ovum was not discovered until the nineteenth century; yet even today the metaphor of seed/soil is perpetuated in explanations of conception to children, in popular songs,19 and in the media.

Sarah is incestuous and barren. Rebekah is Isaac's patrilateral parallel cousin (she is Nahor's granddaughter; Nahor is Isaac's father's brother). Thus, she is barren but becomes pregnant earlier in her life and conceives twins. Donaldson discovers that in the third cycle, Rachel and Leah are both Jacob's patrilateral cross-cousins and matrilateral cross-cousins. Donaldson asks us to look closely at the genealogy: As with Sarah and Rebekah, a double relationship exists between Rachel and Leah and Jacob.

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