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By Shuichi Hasegawa

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The Jehuite Dynasty governed greater than 90 years (841-747 BCE) within the nation of Israel, the longest dynasty within the heritage of the Northern state. lower than the 5 kings of the dynasty, Israel was once thrown into the sector of the neighborhood political struggles and skilled the time of an remarkable upheaval after which loved nice prosperity. The Aramaeans less than Hazael and Ben-Hadad of Damascus and the Assyrians from the north Mesopotamia had nice effect at the historical past of the dynasty. This publication is the results of a complete and up-to-date ancient research in this major dynasty. by way of consulting the entire on hand Assyrian, Aramaic, Hebrew, and Moabite inscriptions and up to date archaeological information, this learn substantially evaluates the historic authenticity of the biblical textual content of two Kings and a few components of the Books of Amos and Hosea and integrates the implications into the historic dialogue. The research unearths the good significance of this dynasty within the background of the Northern country as a turning aspect in its coverage towards the Neo-Assyrian Empire and should give a contribution towards knowing the heritage of Syria-Palestine within the 9th-8th centuries BCE.

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Vš ªK! —' T+† ™ /š K:x / ’ œ Q ™# :6Li ˜ ˜ #'kx š %’ =™ K/'g† – šQ ™# Lv ’ C– f'„ – šv C™ K3 { 9’ =’ –QÛ #™ =L r+4” ]™ ! ™ -:ۄ˜ E¡+ -:L'¡+ r š ˜ 'fx – /’ –1¡0C˜ &6† š fL! } —' :i—y 9™ =’ –Q# 14a -:L! | 4š y +’ E– =/ œ „ :š C’ :/œ—~ f ! ™ 16 ª+4 š /– &' { +– 6š …8— —'¡+™ -)˜v f’ 6’ ™1 f„ —'¡-– K! K! + š 4˜ v :’ ’$ –' T+„˜ Q— ™# K! { —' V… ™ :’ –Q ™# ˜ œ Qw ™# Lœv C’ K! r ˜ œ : '„1– ” =4x ™ 6’ f– :/ ™ † ™ œ ' ’# -= x š :š 9’ +– %+† ™ f’ K V} š :™ %9† ™ -:L!

33 The function of the verses is to legitimate Jehu’s killing of his lord. ). Therefore, I suggest ascribing vv. 34 ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 Noth 1967: 84; Montgomery 1951: 402; Dietrich 1972: 50; Olyan 1984: 657-659; Lehnart 2003: 404-405. Schmitt 1972: 25-27; Minokami 1989: 34-43; McKenzie 1991: 73-74; Mulzer 1992: 233-236. The double mention of “kings’ sortie” in v. 21 seems redundant. ' 8'#. Cf. Würthwein 1984: 332-333; Minokami 1989: 39; Otto 2001: 56. There are three major views as to the dating of these verses: (1) pre-Dtr (Steck 1968: 33-34; 4446; Schmitt 1972: 25-27; Bohlen 1978: 282-284; Otto 2001: 55-64); (2) Dtr (Whitley 1952: 148149; Miller 1967: 314-317; Timm 1982: 141; Na‫ގ‬aman 1997a: 167); and (3) post-Dtr (Würthwein 1984: 332-333; Minokami 1989: 34-42; Mulzer 1992: 302).

Chronology of the Jehuite Kings 11 months) and Shallum’s reign was in 747 BCE (one month). Menahem ascended the throne in 747 BCE and died in 738 BCE (ten years). Pekahiah succeeded to his father’s throne in 738 BCE and was killed in 737 BCE (two years). Pekah seized the throne in 737 BCE and ruled until 731/730 BCE (eight years). 11 Hoshea was the king of Israel from 731/730 to 723/722 BCE (nine years). 12 At any event, the range of error should remain marginal within the chronological anchor points.

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