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Asynchronous machine machine. See induction asynchronous operation a term to indicate that a circuit can operate or a communication system can transmit information when ready without having to wait for a synchronizing clock pulse. asynchronous system a (computer, circuit, device) system in which events are not executed in a regular time relationship, that is, they are timing-independent. Each event or operation is performed upon receipt of a signal generated by the completion of a previous event or operation, or upon availability of the system resources required by the event or operation.

Available bit rate (ABR) ATM congestion control algorithm that enables a source to discover the bit rate available between it and a destination in a network. The source transmits a resource manager cell containing the desired bit rate; each switch this cell passes through adjusts the bit rate down to what it can support. Upon reaching the destination, the cell contains the available bit rate and is returned to the source. c 2000 by CRC Press LLC available power gain ratio of power available from a network to the power available from the source.

Aspheric description of optical elements whose curved surfaces are not spherical, of- c 2000 by CRC Press LLC assembly language a programming language that represents machine code in a symbolic, easier-to-read form. See also assembler. assert (1) raising the voltage on a wire to the “high” state, usually as a signal to some other unit. (2) to make an assertion. assertion (1) a Boolean expression for stating the right behavior of the program or, if hardware implemented, of a circuit. (2) a logical expression specifying a program state that must exist or a set of conditions that program variables must satisfy at a particular point during program execution.

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