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This booklet is a suite of Landy's stories at the poetics of the Hebrew Bible. The track of Songs is featured along the prophetic voices of Amos, Hosea and Isaiah, and essays at the Binding of Isaac and at the booklet of Ruth. all through, the emphasis all through is at the subversiveness, richness and ambiguity of the textual content, yet primarily its (often enigmatic) good looks. The thread of psychoanalysis and its metaphorical strategy attracts jointly this assortment from one of many Bible's such a lot delicate and precise literary critics.

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Envy and contempt are in fact dialectically related, in two ways. 34 The envied object becomes the pariah. These apparently contradictory functions reinforce each other, to ensure that envy is always accompanied by denigration. Similarly, the paradox that Beauty says 'Do not look on me' in fact expresses its essential ambivalence, as the product of desire and 31. Cf. Marcia Falk's insistence on this essential ambiguity, and on the antifeminist reasons for its suppression (Love Lyrics from the Bible, p.

41. Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy and the Genealogy of Morals, (trans. Francis Golffing; New York: Doubleday, 1956), p. 29; Ehrenzweig, Artistic Vision and Hearing, pp. 68-69. For a recent Jungian view, see Rosemary Gordon, Dying and Creating: A Search for Meaning (London: Society for Analytical Psychology, 1978). 42. One may note the interplay of Eros and Thanatos in an Elizabethan conceit, whereby to die conventionally means to experience sexual bliss. A preoccupation with death-drive and its inextricable association with the libidinal impulse is a characteristic of Freud's later work from Beyond the Pleasure Principle onward.

Introduction This article is in essence a close reading of four of the most difficult passages in the Song of Songs, endeavouring to show that the difficulty, far from being an insuperable obstacle, is in fact part of the meaning, and contributes greatly to the mysterious and indefinable beauty of the Song. The four episodes, though spatially separate, are linked through close correspondences of imagery and thematic material; they respond to each other across the poem. The applicability of any insights to the study of the Song, and poetics at large, will be the ultimate justification of this essay; at the same time, interpretation will draw freely from the literary context, from the Song as a whole.

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Beauty and the Enigma: And Other Essays on the Hebrew Bible (Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series) by Francis Landy

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