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By Carsten Möhrke

ISBN-10: 3898423816

ISBN-13: 9783898423816

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In particular, Volume II, Chapter 7 should provide some insight into why OOP is an effective way to structure your applications. In practice, learning to use the object model provided by PHP requires us to achieve two goals, which usually have to be undertaken simultaneously: ❑ You’ll need to learn the PHP class syntax and object oriented terminology. ❑ You must make the “mental leap” from procedural to object oriented code. The first step is easy. It’s the subject of the next solution, and further examples appear in later solutions that look at more advanced subjects.

Having discovered that writing thousand-line scripts may not be the best way to stay organized, you’re probably looking for ways to break your code into separate files. php' Mutual Inclusion PHP provides four commands that allow you to add the contents of one PHP script to another, namely include, require, include_once and require_once. In each case, PHP fetches the file named in the command, then executes its contents. The difference between include and require is the way they behave should they be unable to find the script they were told to fetch.

You’ll get used to it very quickly once you start writing object oriented PHP code, as it will likely be required for almost every method your class contains. Of the other class methods, addHeader and addFooter are almost the same as before; however, notice that they no longer return values. Instead, they update the object’s $page member variable, which, as you’ll see, helps simplify the code that will use this class. g. HTML that we’ve formatted ourselves, outside the object). Finally, we have the get method, which is the only method that returns a value.

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Besser PHP programmieren: Professionelle Programmiertechniken für PHP 5 (Galileo Computing) by Carsten Möhrke

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