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This is the so-called short-circuit evaluation and should lead to a faster evaluation of such logical expressions. It also applies to the logical or operator jj: It is guaranteed that evaluation is from left to right and the process stops as soon as the outcome true or false is known. That is, in this example, the subexpression on the left i >= 0 is evaluated rst and then the subexpression i < n may or may not be evaluated depending on the value of the left subexpression. This can be more easily seen from the following examples.

For example, l1, ll, lo, and lO are di erent and valid identi ers but are hard to read, and identi ers Count and count can be easily misunderstood. 2 Keywords Keywords such as int, double, and for are explicitly reserved identi ers that have a strict meaning in C++. They can not be rede ned or used in other contexts. For example, a programmer can not declare a variable with the name double. A keyword is also called a reserved word. 3. Note that cin and cout, for example, are not keywords. They are part of the input and output (I/O) library .

Conversely, nonzero integers can be implicitly converted to true and 0 to false. A bool variable occupies at least as much space as a char. 5 The Void Type A type that has no type at all is denoted by void. It is syntactically a fundamental type, but can be used only as part of a more complicated type. 4 Numeric Limits 15 as the base type for pointers to objects of unknown type. These points are explained later. 24. 4 Numeric Limits Machine-dependent aspects of a C++ implementation can be found in the standard library .

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