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The InitialDirectory property gives the initial directory which the open dialog displays. The ShowDialog method displays the dialog. FileName. FromFile method. NET fast • The Enabled property of the remaining two buttons which change the size of the picture are assigned to True, so that they are made available for use. 5 Opening a file. To make the buttons change the size of the image we need to add some code to the event procedures for the remaining two Button controls. The Button event handlers We need to add event handlers for the Button controls, so that when one is selected, the required action is taken.

The Quick Information facility gives complete details of the declaration of any identifier. This is displayed when the mouse rests on an identifier. NET fast identify it. Type Ctrl and the spacebar or Alt and the right arrow, to complete the word. ~ ...... En bl d • En ut- Sya ••. 8 Displaying acceptable values. One of the most common mistakes in programming is to have brackets which do not match. The Automatic Brace Matching facility ensures that a brace remains highlighted until a matching brace of the opposite sort is typed.

In some procedures, information can be passed to the procedure within the brackets. The items in brackets are information passed to the procedure, this is covered in later chapters. The Handles keyword is used to specify the name of the control and the event which this procedure handles. Windows Applications • The words End Sub marks the end of the event handler. We need the following code within the event handler to display the open dialog. 4. ~ : frmSl. 1QIu...... 0W10Q (wwldow\Appk .. r Sy. Ob) ct.

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