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Within a rule method, you can choose to stop the processing of all subsequent rule methods for the current property. StopProcessing to true. StopProcessing = true; return false; Page 42 } else return true; } This rule method checks to see if the id value already exists in the database. If it does, the method returns false , along with a description. But it also sets StopProcessing to true, ensuring that no subsequent rule methods will be invoked for this property. Short-circuiting, either using the priority threshold or explicitly stopping the processing, can be used to gain substantial performance benefits for properties that have both expensive and inexpensive rule methods.

1, but a new delegate definition is required to support strongly typed parameters: public delegate bool RuleHandler(T target, R e) where R : RuleArgs; Using this new delegate, it is possible to specify the types for both the target and e parameters during development, so the compiler can check those types during compilation. IRuleMethod Interface The RuleMethod object is used to store a reference, along with metadata, for a rule method defined by the RuleHandler delegate. 1, a new generic RuleMethod class must be added to maintain a reference to the new generic RuleHandler delegate.

The returned information can be useful for generating documentation about the rules used in each object, or by a UI developer to help automate the creation of the UI. In particular, you could use this information in a Web Forms UI framework to help automate the association of validation controls to other UI controls to mirror some of the validation rules in your business objects. Page 44 The ValidationRules class is a protected member of BusinessBase, and so the GetRuleDescriptions() method can only be called from code within your business objects themselves.

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