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25 рецептов сладостей алжирской кухни содержит эта книга.

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They had to be appointed for the main lectures, but apart from small differences, they seem to have been able to exercise all functions within the college and enjoy all privileges. 20 Although the actual position of non-citizens was certainly different, all colleges in both towns paid a lot of attention to geographical origin, defining very precisely who was to be considered admissible or not. 21 Moreover, since the colleges 17. For the conditions and admission procedure to the Paduan colleges see : arts and medicine : Gallo, op.

31r. © 2006 – Presses de l’Université du Québec Édifice Le Delta I, 2875, boul. 57 Towards the external world the image of a honourable college had also to be maintained by a strict dress code. When present at public examinations, participating in religious processions and on so many other public occasions, the doctors had to wear decent clothes worthy of their doctoral status, and especially the toga and the typical fur lined leather hat. In fact all college statutes stress the importance of these status symbols, which certainly were allowed to doctors only.

De Sandre, op.  37, AAUP, 301, f. 18r ; AAUP, 126, f. 60r. The Bolognese seem to stress this condition much less, but we can presume with a high degree of certainty that it was to be understood. 26. Mainly sons and grandsons.  18, Cap. 13. Malagola, op.  338, 395, 454, 499. This trend was much less obvious in Padua. There is no mention of easier admission, but of free doctoral examinations for sons and grandsons of Paduan doctors (AAUP, 302, f. XXXVII). © 2006 – Presses de l’Université du Québec Édifice Le Delta I, 2875, boul.

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