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A sequence of statements that defines a scope is called a block. Generally, a block is delimited by braces, or { }. Compound statements are built out of expressions and blocks. A conditional expression is evaluated to determine whether a statement block will be executed. Compound statements are defined in terms of blocks, not statements, which means that braces are required. Any block can be given a label. , they begin with a letter or underscore and can contain alphanumerics and underscores). statements...

5. Threads Copyright © 2002 O'Reilly & Associates. All rights reserved. 5. 6 and later also include native multithreading capability, which is distributed with Perl as a set of modules. 005 release, but should still be considered an experimental feature and aren't automatically compiled in with Perl. WARNING: Pay close attention to Configure when you build Perl so that you don't include threads support if you don't want it. You might want to build a separate version of Perl with threads enabled, if you'd like to test the threads feature under your platform.

The Perl Executable Contents: Command Processing Command-Line Options Environment Variables The Perl Compiler Threads The perl executable is normally installed in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin on your machine. Some people often refer to perl as the Perl interpreter, but this isn't strictly correct, as you'll learn shortly. Every Perl program must be passed through the Perl executable to be executed. The first line in many Perl programs is something like: "INDEX-139" /> For Unix systems, this #! (hash-bang or shebang) line tells the shell to look for the /usr/bin/perl program and pass the rest of the file to that /usr/bin/perl for execution.

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