Das Google Web Toolkit by Michael Seemann PDF

By Michael Seemann

ISBN-10: 3897217198

ISBN-13: 9783897217195

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By now, it should be obvious that variables that were defined on the this keyword in the controller are accessible from the HTML, but local, inner variables are not. Furthermore, any variable defined on the controller instance (on this in the controller, as opposed to declaring variables with the var keyword like goodbyeMsg) can be accessed and displayed to the user via the HTML. This is basically how we funnel and expose data from our controller and business logic to the UI. goodbyeMsg to goodbyeMsg in the HTML will not help either.

The beforeEach block after that uses something called in ject, which basically injects AngularJS services into the functions that befor eEach and it in Jasmine take. We will look into AngularJS services in Chapter 5, but just know that there is an AngularJS service called $controller that we can use to instantiate new instances of our controller. The function passed to inject can take multiple arguments, each of which is an AngularJS service that AngularJS then creates and injects into the function.

In this case, the t = true; line will execute once before each of the it blocks in the 42 | Chapter 3: Unit Testing in AngularJS describe. You can also have multiple beforeEach functions inside a describe, and they will each be executed once in the order in which they are declared. afterEach Similar to the beforeEach, the afterEach block gets executed after the individual it blocks are completed. If you use mocking libraries, this is the best place to check whether or not any expectations set on the mocks are satisfied.

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