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By IBM Redbooks, Bart Steegmans

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Bind plan As mentioned before, when you use the Type 2 driver, you need to have a local plan to execute. This applies to both SQLJ and JDBC. As you can see, we use our own plan, BARTSQLJ, when using the local Type 2 driver. It is bound as shown in Example 5-3. It specifies two collections: • SG246435 that will contain all our SQLJ packages • NULLID that contains all our JDBC packages Example 5-3. *) ISOLATION CS Important It is necessary to include the NULLID collection in the PKLIST of your plan.

This is the most common driver type used, and offers the best performance. However, as the driver code is platform specific, a different version has to be coded (by the database vendor) for each platform. This type of driver is provided with Version 7 of DB2 for z/OS and OS/390. It is available for Version 5 through APAR PQ19814, for Version 6 through APAR PQ36011, and it is part of the base code with DB2 Version 7 (and Version 8 when it becomes generally available). Both Type 1 and Type 2 drivers are partially written in Java.

This section also applies to SQLJ programs, as SQLJ uses JDBC to establish a connection to a database. 1 Connecting to a database Connecting to the database means you make the connection between the application and the driver that you will use in the program. There are two methods that are used to set the driver and database for the connection: • The DriverManager interface • The DataSource interface When using the DriverManager interface the names of both the driver and database are coded directly into the method calls within the application code.

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