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By Robert P. Goldman, Sally Sutherland J. Goldman

ISBN-10: 0944613403

ISBN-13: 9780944613405

Offers the evidence of Sanskrit language basically as they express themselves in use in literature, and basically secondarily as they laid down by means of the local grammarians.

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This must be learned either from a teacher whose pronunciation is good or from taped materials designed for this purpose. However, a few guidelines 5 here will serve to clarify the basic pronunciation of the sounds of Sanskrit as used by fluent speakers of Sanskrit in most parts of India. English examples are based on hypothetical "dictionary" pronunciation. a. lyukta sounds (ai and au), are always pronounced with a single clear effort like the vowels of standard Italian and are not, like many English vowel sounds, allowed to glide into diphthongal sequences.

Ya � a ra sa � �a 1 � la B sa UJ I). , 3l:-ab (see l . c) Notice that the script typically frames the distinctive portion of a given letter with a vertical and a horizontal line (T). , to write "ja" (� . 5 3 � 3 � 3 � l"cr-7t2 � (ja) It t2 '1 (pa) 1 o- t2 Cl"(va) 11=-7 j_2 � (bha) Note that in the list of niigari symbols, each consonant has been transliterated with the vowel "a" (3l) although this is not indicated in the script. , that the vowel "a" (3l), by far the most frequently recurring vowel in Sanskrit, is considered, without any graphic representation, to follow every consonant symbol unless it is otherwise indicated.

Ai), before any vowel. ). The process might be depicted as follows: - m + �= � c � ) cm + � + �= � svarge + indrab � ( 1 ) (svarga +i ) + indral}. � c�> m +

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