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By Laurence Kelly

ISBN-10: 1845111966

ISBN-13: 9781845111960

В этой первой биографии Александра Грибоедова, написанной на английском языке, Лоренс Келли создаёт яркий портрет человека замечательного литературного таланта и одарённого дипломата, который, однако, имел трагическую судьбу. Близкий кругам декабристов, выполнявший дипломатические миссии на Кавказе и в Иране, молодой, но уже известный литератор и композитор, был в конечном счете растерзан фанатиками в Тегеране, не дожив и до forty лет.
Лоренс Келли, потратила десять лет, на поездки по местам деятельности А. С. Грибоедова, на работу в российских, персидских и английских архивах и нашла некоторые детали, остававшиеся скрытыми до настоящего времени.
Эта книга делает неоценимый вклад в историю дипломатической борьбы России и Англии за Кавказ и Иран, и в то же время освещает жизнь и труды талантливого автора, одного из выдающихся представителей российского общества XIX в.Образцы сканов:

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3 In December 1812, their Colonel and founder, Saltykov, died, but despite his death the regiment was not disbanded. The Irkutsk Dragoons had suffered severe losses in the ferocious fighting of the early months of the war and then at Borodino, while the Moscow Hussars were still untrained and 19 Diplomacy and Murder in Tehran incomplete. It was decided that the two regiments should be amalgamated and renamed the Irkutsk Hussars. They were to fall under the orders of the experienced cavalry General Andrey Semyonovich Kologrivov, who had been recalled from retirement by the Tsar and made GOC (General Officer Commanding) of the cavalry reserves.

Smirnov, who interviewed Griboyedov’s friend A. Zhandr and his former tutor Dr John some years after his death, Yakubovich was all for a fight. It was obvious, he said, that a duel should be fought to the death, but with whom? ‘Your Istomina,’ he reasoned, ‘was with Zavadovsky. Griboyedov brought her there. ’ With glee, the duelhungry fanatic concluded, ‘This calls for a fighting foursome, a partie carrée, you fire at Griboyedov and I will take on Zavadovsky’. ’ Zhandr replied simply, ‘He was that sort of man’.

Quite apart from any natural sorrow Griboyedov may have felt, there were family matters to be discussed. The Major had left large debts, most of them to his wife, and his three small estates were heavily encumbered. The widow’s first consideration was to safeguard the modest dowry of her daughter, Mariya, and with the consent of Alexander, who agreed to stand down in his sister’s interest, the whole inheritance was ceded to her, on condition that she assumed her father’s liabilities. S. Durnovo, like her a talented amateur musician.

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