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38 Topic 2: Coding JavaScript in Domino Designer • WebQueryOpen event Agent. If you would rather generate JavaScript on the fly using LotusScript, you can do so by setting a Field on the Form to a string that contains the in-line JavaScript code. Of course the Field must be marked using the Text - Pass-Thru HTML property. For example: Then, write the Agent code (in LotusScript or Java), for example: Finally, put the Agent name in the formula in the WebQueryOpen event on the Form, for example: The final output of the Agent sets the JS1 Field.

It also includes working “TryIt Editor” where you can change the example script and run it. Walkthrough: Basic elements The best way to explore some of the basic language elements is to actually do some coding and learn the syntax as you go. Follow these steps to explore some of the basic JavaScript language elements and syntax: Step Action 1 Create a new Form named Topic3 in the Your Exercises database. 2 Create a new button on the Form. Name the button Test. 3 Expand the events for the button.

Readform URL command and any Submit button will fail (you will get the error message Error 500, HTTP Web Server: Application Exception Documents treated as HTML cannot be edited). In past versions of Domino, these Forms were used to create pages with embedded view or navigator elements or to create documents that stored framesets. But Pages and FrameSet design elements have taken the place of this workaround. Note: Any of the special Web-related Field names, such as $$HTMLHead or $$Return will not work if you have set this Form property.

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