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This publication presents stimulating and well timed feedback approximately increasing the area foodstuff offer to incorporate quite a few minilivestock. It indicates a wide selection of small animals as nutritious nutrition. those animals comprise arthropods (insects, earthworms, snails, frogs), and numerous rodents. the most important good thing about minilivestock is they should not have to be consumed grains therefore saving many crop species for human consump-tion. The booklet indicates applied sciences for harvesting those small farm animals.

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96-116. Potential of Rodents for Minilivestock in Africa FERRAN JORI', DAVID EDDERAI~, AND PATRICK HOUBEN~ lProgramme ECONAP, CIRAD EMVT, TA 30/E, Campus International de Baillarguet, Montpellier 34398, Cedex 5, France. , Cameroun. com Projet De'veloppement d'Alternatives au Braconnage en Afrique Cen trale (DABAC), BP 9129 Libreville, Gabon. net Abstract In many African countries several species of rodents are highly valued as a source of food and income for local people. Systems of rearing are fully developed, however, only in those species, such as the cane rat (Thryonomys swinderianus) whose biology is already well known.

And Kypriotakis Z. 2003. Nutritional composition of selected wild plants in the diet of Crete. P. and Gopalan C. ). Plants in Human Health and Nutrition Policy. World Rev. Nutr. Diet, Base1 Karger 91: 2240. Zhenjun S. and Wenling C. 2004. Pharmaceutical value and use of earthworms (this volume). , and Xiwu G. 2004. Medicinal terrestrial arthropods in China (this volume). The Minilivestock: Environment, Education, Research, and Economics Bureau far Exchange and Distribution of Information on Minilivestock (BEDIM), Facult6 universitaire des Sciences agronomiques.

Dry bread It is a monogastric herbivore, easy to feed and a good food transformer of fiber into protein. Offspring are born with 4 incisors that grow continuously during the life of the animal. Gestation lasts 5 months. Diet in captivity consists of 8O0lOPennisetum purpureum and Panicum maximum combined with a mixture of corn, wheat, and mineral salts. The composition of the mixture can be varied and several items are accepted by this species including corn grains, corn cob, rabbit pellets, sugar cane, etc.

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