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The evolution from plunder by means of raids to plunder by means of exchange started 800 to 1,000 years in the past within the loose towns of Europe. As these towns developed into international locations and people countries into empires, plunder through alternate used to be plunder through either raids and exchange used to be practiced. Plunder by way of exchange has been the dominant characteristic of global alternate due to the fact that WWII. however the constructing international is now conscious and that constitution of worldwide alternate may well quickly be historical past. In a effectively demonstrated banking procedure, via changes in required reserves instead of altering rates of interest, there desire be no inflations or deflations. Created debt-free funds can construct such a lot infrastructure, expanding required reserves in line with that cash production keeps a good funds provide. a formal banking constitution can cease an monetary cave in in its tracks. it will probably additionally quickly industrialize undeveloped areas of the realm. That right banking constitution, besides taking away all different monopolies can decrease the workweek to two to three days a week with out lack of meals, fiber, or look after. international poverty will be eradicated in 10 years and a top quality lifestyles for all could be attained in 50 years

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Humans are far more peaceful and cooperative than they are aggressive. Expose the real reason for these wars and suppressions, eliminate 22 Economic Democracy: A Grand Strategy for World Peace & Prosperity those inequalities in internal and external trade, establish a modest security force whose mission is everybody‘s security, and the world will be peaceful. The Advantage of Cheap Transportation While cities fought back and forth, those with timber for boats, with access to the sea, and with seafaring skills, had a unique advantage.

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Were] a natural growth in the full sense of the word.... Each one, taken separately, varies from century to century. And yet, when we cast a broad glance upon all the cities of Europe, the local and national unlikeness disappear, and we are struck to find among them a wonderful resemblance, although each has developed for itself, independently from the others, and in different conditions.... The leading lines of their organization, and the spirit which animates them, are imbued with a strong family likeness.

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