Engineering Principles for Electrical Technicians by K. M. Smith PDF

By K. M. Smith

ISBN-10: 0080129854

ISBN-13: 9780080129853

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A concise number of useful and correct info for someone engaged on sound platforms. the themes lined contain microphones, gramophones, compact discs, tape recording, top of the range radio, amplifiers, loudspeakers and public handle platforms. New advancements which are coated within the moment version contain electronic Audio Tape (DAT), the Philips electronic Compact Cassette (DCC), boundary area microphones and the LISCA public-address loudspeaker process.

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38. The graph verifies the fourth law showing Pec IV. The slope of the graph Ρ\Ψ=μ. The coefficient of friction for the two given surfaces, cast iron and steel, is found from the slope of the graph. μ 0-8 ~4 = 0-2. 38 FORCES AND EQUILIBRIUM 31 This experiment can be repeated (a) for sliders with different materials fastened to the underside to determine the different values of μ for the different surfaces in contact, and (b) for sliders of the same material but with different areas of contact, to verify Law 3.

2-58 in, Hence the centre of area is 2-58 in. from the base along the vertical centre line. If the solid is of uniform thickness the centre of gravity will lie midway along the line joining the centre of area of each face. EXAMPLE. Figure 2 . 1 3 shows a piece of 1 in. thick mild steel plate. Find the distance 3c so that when a rope is attached to the plate at Β the bottom side remains horizontal. Rope 3 ft 3ft Ai _x_ A FIG. 2 . 1 3 For the bottom side to remain horizontal point Β must be directly above the centre of gravity.

At what angle will the prism fall over? ) 50 ENGINEERING PRINCIPLES FOR ELECTRICAL TECHNICIANS FIG. 5. A square ABCD of 10 in. side has weights of 4 lbf, 3 lbf, 6 lbf, and 5 lbf hung from corners A, B, C, and D respectively. Find the centre of gravity of the system with reference to sides AB and BC. 6. A stepped shaft consists of three coaxial portions. The left-hand portion is 5 in. long and 3 in. diameter, the central portion is 6 in. long and 8 in. diameter and the right-hand portion is 9 in.

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