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By Noel M. Morris

ISBN-10: 0333168666

ISBN-13: 9780333168660

ISBN-10: 1349022853

ISBN-13: 9781349022854

A pocket reference of crucial formulae masking: digital and electric engineering, measurements and regulate, common sense, telecommunications and arithmetic. Of price to scholars at either BTEC nationwide and better point, in addition to at undergraduate point, specifically these learning digital and electric engineering.

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and v

to denote the pth derivatives of u and v with respect to x, then n(n- 1) dn u (uv)=uv+nu+ - 2! dxn + n(n- 1Xn- 2) uv 3! Function of a [unction If y = f(u ), where u = cp(x ), then dy dy du -=-·dx du dx Maximum and minimum values off(x) A curve has a maximum value at a point if, at that point, d2 y dy dx =0 and dx 2 has a negative value.

J sin a = sinh ja sinja = j sinh a cos a = cosh ja cos ja =cosh a j tan a= tanhja tanja =j tanh a DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS The differential coefficient (the derivative) of y with respect to x may be expressed in several ways, including DETERMINANTS dy d dx, dxy, Dy, Dxy,y , The solution of the simultaneous equations a 1 x +b 1y =A a2x + b2Y =B is given by 1 y -=-=Llx Ll y Ll X where I Llx = I~X:~ Lly = I=~ ~ I =a1B- a2A =Ab2 -Bb1 dy y dx axn aekx sin(ax +b) cos(ax +b) tan x cot x 1n x 1n(ax +b) sin -I The solution ofthe simultaneous equations a1x + b1y + c1z =A a2x + b 2y + c 2z =B a3x + b3y + c3z = C is given by :: a anxn-l akekx a cos(ax +b) -a sin(ax +b) sec 2 x - cosec 2 x 1/x a ax +b 1/(a 2 - x 2)Y.

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