J. David Eisenberg's Etudes for ClojureScript PDF

By J. David Eisenberg

ISBN-10: 1491934891

ISBN-13: 9781491934890

A brief composition that gives perform fabric for a selected musical ability is termed an étude. during this hands-on publication, you’ll locate greater than 30 études that will help you perform ClojureScript abilities for particular programming parts, starting from services and variables to asynchronous processing. every one of those small tasks encompasses a description of a application that you're going to compose (write) in ClojureScript.

Though no longer as tricky as their musical opposite numbers, those programming études might help you stretch past the fabric and examples that you simply locate in so much ClojureScript books or on-line references. One bankruptcy gains études for an open-ended undertaking that can assist you prepare what you’ve discovered. options to every étude are printed within the appendix.

Programming parts include:

  • Working with services and variables with def and let
  • Interacting with JavaScript and web content, utilizing a number of libraries
  • Lists, vectors, and higher-order map, filter out, and decrease functions
  • Data mapping with ClojureScript
  • Using assorted ClojureScript libraries to application with React
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational and intricate numbers with defprotocol and defrecord
  • Asynchronous processing with core.async

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Screenshot of traffic cross-tabulation table I wanted to use as much of the code from “Étude 4-2: Condiment Server” as possible, so I decided on drop-down menus to choose the fields. However, a map was not a good choice for generating the menu. In the condiment server, it made sense to alphabetize the keys of the food map. In this étude, the field names are listed by conceptual groups; it doesn’t make sense to alphabetize them, and the keys of a map are inherently unordered. Thus, I ended up making a vector of vectors.

Tude 3-1: Move the Zeros This is a quick warm-up étude. Given a list of integers that have zeros interspersed throughout, move all the zeros to the end. Name the function move-zeros; it accepts a list as an argument and returns a new list with the zeros at the end. I saw the problem at this page, solved in Java, and wondered if I could do it in ClojureScript. Answer: yes, I could. And so can you. Hint: filter is useful. After I solved it, I realized just how much my thinking about functional programming had changed the way I look at imperative code.

Median Calculates the median of the numbers. The algorithm is as follows: Sort the list (hint: use sort). If n, the number of items in the list, is odd, take the item at position (n − 1) / 2. Otherwise, take the average of the items at positions n / 2 and (n − 1) / 2. I used drop in my solution rather than nth. stdev Calculates the standard deviation of the numbers. Use the computational formula: , which works out to this algorithm: Get the sum of the squares of all the numbers in the list. Get the sum of all the numbers of the list, and square that result.

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