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I do not like laptop books that deal with you love a child: you want to battle through chapters and chapters earlier than the writer begins hard you. now not this one. TIJ reads like a talk, strikes quick and is usually fabulous you with attention-grabbing programming snippets. Its truly loads of enjoyable to learn and difficult to place down!

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Most of the time, we pair when we run into a roadblock, and we know we need help. This also turns out to be a good way to introduce pairing, that is, waiting until you get a hard problem before you bring in a partner. It may be something you do already, possibly at a whiteboard. Next time, try sharing a keyboard instead. You will be surprised how much more effective it is to communicate through the code than in a conference room. A whiteboard solution is theoretical, and code is being there. It’s like the difference between planning to climb a mountain and hooting in unison when you both reach the top.

For example, product managers, users, and clients act as the customer. The business requirements, priorities, and deadlines are defined by the customer. XP defines the roles of customer and programmer unambiguously. The customer’s job is to identify what needs to get done, and the programmers’ job is to explain how it will get done. The customer is not allowed to say an estimate is wrong or to contradict a technical statement made by the programmers. And, conversely, programmers cannot say a feature is unnecessary or the customer has her priorities wrong.

8 Gumption Traps Bad hair days are when nothing seems to go right. Robert Pirsig says this happens when you run into a gumption trap, something that saps your energy, discourages you, and causes you to make mistakes. org 44 of gumption traps are:9 Intermittent Failure In this the thing that is wrong becomes right all of a sudden just as you start to fix it. Parts Setback It’s always a major gumption trap to get all the way home and discover that a new part won’t work. Value Rigidity The facts are there but you don’t see them.

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Extreme programming in Perl by Nagler R.

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