R. Nelson's Germans, Poland, and Colonial Expansion to the East: 1850 PDF

By R. Nelson

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This incisive assortment probes the heritage of colonialism inside of Europe and posits that jap Europe used to be actually Germany s actual "colonial" empire. via a chain of interdisciplinary essays starting from 1850 to the ecu Union of this day, this assortment explores the concept that Germany s dating with Poland and jap Europe had many similarities to the perform of "overseas" colonialism. because the contributing students aptly display, the background of Germany s courting with Poland includes all of the trappings of the vintage colonial stumble upon, from its constructions of strength and regulate, racism and cultural chauvinism, to the implementation of wholesale medical experimentation in a "lawless" surroundings.

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Kein Haus war zu sehen an der Straße, kein Wanderer und kein Fuhrwerk (Freytag 2, p. 1). This term appears frequently in the text: 1, pp. 246, 375; 2, pp. 17, 215. For a history of the discourse of this term, see Orlowski. Endlich betrat Anton die verlassene Treppe des Thurmes und stieg auf die Plattform. Dort sah er über den Mauerrand in die Tiefe und hinaus in die Ebene. ( . . ) Der Himmel grau, der Boden mißfarbig, die Bäume und Sträucher am Bach ohne Grün, und der Wald mit seinen Vorsprüngen und Buchten einem Walle gleich, welcher diesen Erdfleck abschied von allen Menschen, von aller Bildung, von jeder Freude und Schönheit des Lebens (Freytag 2, p.

9. , 9. Rothfels, p. 10. Blaut. Stenographischer Bericht 2, p. 1059 (Ziegert). Wigard 2, p. 1059. See List’s 1842 essay “Die Ackerverfassung, die Zwergwirtschaft und die Auswanderung” in which he outlines his proposed settlement colonization in Eastern Europe. , pp. 418–548, esp. p. 499ff. “Auswanderung und Colonisation,” p. 53: den ungeheuren Strecken, welche in Pommern, mehr aber in Ost—und Westpreußen, theils als Haideland, theils als unnützer, sich gar nicht rentirender Wald, theils als Moore oder Wüstungen des Pfluges und Säemanns harren.

First and foremost, however, let us examine the SC’s land purchases. The Land Purchase Strategy of the Settlement Commission 8 The total area of the two provinces in question was nearly 5½ million hectares. Taking a relatively modest figure of 500 marks per hectare9 as a representative price of farm land with buildings and inventory in these two provinces in the late 1880s, it is immediately obvious that the SC, even with a generous initial allocation of 100 million marks to spend over several years, could not just set about willy-nilly buying up whatever land came on the market.

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