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By Charles T Tart

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This publication used to be initially written in 1971 and it truly is uncertain that a lot has been up to date on account that Tart's unique paintings. search for your self. only a few of the references are more moderen than 1968-1970. when you are drawn to marijuana people who smoke' own event or perceptions within the 1960's, this ebook is for you.It displays evaluations from the 1960's, no longer now. take into account notwithstanding that private testimony doesn't end up that the results got here from marijuana. such a lot of different elements may have affected a clients perceptions and event. at the optimistic aspect, even though it isn't really a systematic study,it offers strong qualitative details from clients at the moment.

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Most of the writing on this subject is mystical, but the above references do attempt some objective treatment of the phenomenon. (back) 3. In general, intoxication effects that are two levels or more apart in this type Of graphical plot will be different enough to reach statistical significance. (back) 4. The "optimal" level is quite situation-specific; depth jiggle, for example, may be quite amusing and enjoyable during a relaxed evening at home (safe conditions) but might be a pronounced disadvantage while working at some crucial task that required very accurate depth perception.

Whether the proportion of naiveté and sophistication is any different from that of ordinary people in everyday life is a moot question. Footnotes 1. For all items, frequency of occurrence data is always presented in the order Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Very Often, Usually, and intoxication level data in the order Just, Fairly, Strongly, Very Strongly, Maximum. These will not always add up to 100 percent because of variable numbers of respondents' skipping various questions and/or rounding errors.

A bite of bread may taste salty on one part of your tongue and sour on another part at the same time"(43%, 15%, 25%, 11%, 5%). Although many (47 percent) users did not rate this for level, it is an effect occurring at fairly strong levels (3%, 12%, 20%, 15%, 3%). It is interesting to raise the question whether this is an actual perception of the several discrete tasting organs in the mouth functioning separately instead of their usual blending together, or whether it is imagery added to taste sensations.

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