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By Sarah Smyth

ISBN-10: 0521645557

ISBN-13: 9780521645553

This entire starting place path bargains a hugely interactive method of studying Russian. Designed for novices, it covers the entire fabric required to arrive intermediate point both at highschool or through the first 12 months of college. The direction offers:

  • Thorough grounding within the grammar and buildings of up to date Russian
  • Wide-ranging actions and routines for either school room use and self learn
  • Informative texts chosen to foster cultural know-how
  • full of life illustrations to enhance studying
  • huge reference positive aspects together with a piece on easy thoughts of grammar
  • academics' instructions
  • Cassettes and online solution key
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    Example text

    2. You can use printed letters in a crossword. 17 Course materials G Reading letters In acronyms and abbreviations each letter is named separately, as it is called in the alphabet (Cf. BBC, ITV, CIA, FBI, etc. in English). Read aloud the following abbreviations, past and present. Your teacher will explain what they mean. ' CYU TC HA CCCH CIF RGCC RU< WHE A

    Listen to the following four groups of words and repeat each word after the Russian speaker in the pauses provided on the tape. Mark the stress on words of more than one syllable. Then do the tasks indicated for each group. 4 In each of the following columns circle the odd one out. nth vfufpby vepsrf xfq vfuybnjajy abpbr kbnthfnehf ^jlrf hflbj In each of the following columns circle the words which answer the question rnj? vfuybnjajy f^njvjdbkm kbnthfnehf ubl hflbj f'hjgjhn vfntvfnbrf ljrnjh ntkt^bpjh ija/h vepsrf ;ehyfkbcn [bvbr ufhf; cneltyn pf^jl ajnjfggfhfn nfrcb cneltynrf by;tyth In each of the following columns circle the words for which you would use the pronoun jy.

    Xnj ¿nj? Ñ "nj ^byÆ. Ñ "nj ^byÆ bkb ^Ælrf ? Ñ "nj ^byÆ. Ñ "nj ^byÆ? Ñ Lf, ¿nj ^byÆ. / Ytn, ¿nj yt ^byÆ, f ^Ælrf. Practise these questions and answers with the words you have come across to date. If you have forgotten what a word means, ask for the English: Rfr gj-fyuk¹qcrb . . D Locating objects D1 Asking where something is ù Ult . . Draw a plan of a town. Take it in turns to ask where the following public amenities are: Ult . . and to answer: Djn pltcm. 34 Unit 1 Public amenities: pf^Æl, ntÄnh, gjkbrk¹ybrf, irÆkf, vfufp¹y, gÆxnf, wbhr, ujcn¹ybwf, dbdkbjnÏrf, fgnÏrf, jdot;¹nbt, dfyr, ntktaÆy-f^njvÄn, rfaÏ, rbyjntÄnh, htcnjhÄy, dfh, gfhr, rbÆcr.

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