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Dover guides, Inc., big apple, 1965. delicate disguise. Unabridged & Unaltered Republication, VG alternate, 428pp, illustrated textual content is vivid, fresh and fresh-in VG++ cond., laminate to wraps lifting in spots, small clean plate to entrance wrap.

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The knowledge of the latter functions reduces the problem of field description to that of the determination of the behavior of V and I on a spherical transmission line. Spherical transmission lines are distinguished by the numerical value of n [cf. Eqs. (95)], this mode index being indicative of the 0 variation of the mode fields. In the waveguide of Fig. l“15a the dominant mode is a dipole field characterized by n = 1, whereas in the waveguide of Fig. 15b the field of the dominant mode is angularly symmetric and n = O (cf.

1 + [jY’(rO)]’ 1) 7 ( ( 1 + [jY’(To)]’ where 1 + [jY’(r)]’ a(r) = ~ [~l(kr) — jJ0(k7) y’(~)lz’ ( a(ro), (77) For large kr and kr~ the ratio a(r~) /a(r) approaches unity, and hence in this range Eq. (77) and the corresponding uniform-line equation (23) With a short circuit at r, the rightbecome asymptotically identical. hand member of Eq. —The scattering description of the dominant E-type mode in the radial guide of Fig. 8a is based on the traveling-wave solutions H$)(kr) r and H~’)(kr) of the radial-wave equation (66).

11)]. The components of the orthonormal vector e; are given directly by E= and EM on omission of the amplitude factor V;. —Rectangularwaveguidecross section. From Eq. I1ODES [SEC, 22 where the characteristic resistance CRis a measure of the conductivity properties of the metal Iwdls (cf. Table 1,2). The attenuation constant is a minimum at the \va\elength x = 0,57 TAj,. -mode is (5a) and occurs at values of z and y for tyhich (5b) Since an E-mode possesses a longitudinal component of electric field, the maximum of the /otal electric field is dependent on the im~edance conditions in the guide.

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