Read e-book online Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 in VB 2005: From Novice to PDF

By Matthew MacDonald

ISBN-10: 143020155X

ISBN-13: 9781430201557

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ISBN-13: 9781590596210

The latest and finished introductory ASP.NET ebook you’ll locate on any shelf, Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 in VB 2005 courses you thru Microsoft's know-how for construction dynamic web pages. You’ll learn how to construct dynamic websites fast, with in simple terms uncomplicated earlier wisdom of visible uncomplicated. integrated is thorough assurance of ASP.NET, to lead you out of your first steps to complicated suggestions like querying databases from inside an online web page and performance-tuning your site.

This booklet comprises top practices and accomplished discussions approximately key database and XML rules, that are crucial so you might develop into potent with ASP.NET. The ebook additionally emphasizes the useful coding concepts of item orientation and code at the back of, so one can aid you construct real-world web content instantly instead of simply scraping through with simplified coding practices. by the point you’ve comprehensive this ebook, you've mastered the middle suggestions and own the required wisdom to start paintings as a qualified ASP.NET developer.

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However, programmers often talk about the process of enumerating, which means to loop, or iterate, over a collection. For example, it’s common to talk about enumerating over all the characters of a string (which means looping through the string and examining each character in a separate pass). Here’s an example of an enumeration that defines different types of users: ' Define an enumeration called UserType with three possible values. Enum UserType Admin Guest Invalid End Enum Now you can use the UserType enumeration as a special data type that is restricted to one of three possible values.

Dim Number As Integer Number = 4 + 2 * 3 ' Number will be 10. CHAPTER 2 ■ LEARNING THE VB 2005 LANGUAGE Number = (4 + 2) * 3 ' Number will be 18. When dealing with strings, you can use the concatenation operator (&), which joins together two strings. ' Join two strings together. Could also use the + operator. MyName = FirstName & " " & LastName The addition operator (+) can also be used to join strings, but it’s generally clearer and safer to use the concatenation operator. The concatenation operator automatically attempts to convert both variables in the expression to the string data type, if they are not already strings.

Because ASP hadn’t been designed with these uses in mind, a number of problems began to appear. What began as a simple solution for creating interactive web pages became a complicated discipline that required knowledge in several fields as well as some painful experience. If you’ve programmed with ASP before, you may already be familiar with some or all of these problems: Scripting limitations: ASP applications rely on the VBScript language, which suffers from a number of limitations, including poor performance.

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