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In the next window, fill in your information, then click Next. 5. When the Feature Selection window (see Figure 1-9) appears, click Next. qxd 8 11/18/06 3:45 PM Page 8 CHAPTER 1 ■ GETTING OUR TOOLS Figure 1-9. SSMSE Feature Selection 6. When the next window appears, click Install. 7. A progress window appears (see Figure 1-10), and is followed by a window that reports successful installation (see Figure 1-11). Click Finish. Figure 1-10. qxd 11/18/06 3:45 PM Page 9 CHAPTER 1 ■ GETTING OUR TOOLS Figure 1-11.

Txt. qxd 11/18/06 3:45 PM Page 13 CHAPTER 1 ■ GETTING OUR TOOLS Figure 1-14. Creating the Northwind database This command executes the sqlcmd program, invoking it with two options. ). sql and execute the T-SQL in it. ■Caution sqlcmd cannot connect to SSE unless the SSE instance is running. A Windows service named MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS should have been created when you installed SSE, and it should have been started automatically, so the SQLEXPRESS instance should already be running. If sqlcmd complains that it can’t connect, you can start the service from a command prompt with the command net start mssql$sqlexpress.

You should see the screen in Figure 2-28. Figure 2-28. Opening BOL 2. There are five nodes in the Contents tree. The third one leads to SSE-specific documentation, but unless you plan to use SSE exclusively as a production server, you probably won’t find this very useful. What you’ll find most useful is the first node, SQL Server 2005 Books Online, so expand it. Then expand the SQL Server Language Reference node and the Transact-SQL Reference node within it. Scroll up to the top, and you’ll see a screen as in Figure 2-29.

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