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By Bendt Alster

ISBN-10: 1883053927

ISBN-13: 9781883053925

This strange publication describes the Sumerian literature and plenty of in their proverbs featured in speeches of clever males of that time..

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L- T I : [x -dJe 'ki'-inim-bi 'x' [... JkU 4 (collated); DM I: [... ) [... J (coli. Th. Kammerer); Sch I: du 14 -c\C lu ki-inim-ma-se na-an-ku 4-ku 4-un j 1 a-na 'X' [... ] (23) Don't let yourself be made a witness in the quarrel! )-da-zu-zu-un Akkl l~a-a]/-11I 'XI[ ... ] (24) Don't [let] yourself become known as an accomplice in the quarrel! Uri: [dlu I4 -de ni-I ... I (collated); 13M I (traces); DM 2 : [x xl ni-zu nam-b[a- ... ) 1... 1 (coil. Th. )-da-zu-zu-lIn (20) and YOII, don't accept a pledge; (that man will be discredited).

Sch3: u4buru 14-'" (traces) (131) At the time of the harvest, at the most priceless time, 132 gcme-gim ri-ga-ab elJi-gim gu 7-a UM I: gcmc-gim ri-ga-ab cIJi-gillll ... 1; UM 4: [ ... -gJim ri-ga-ab elJi-gim gu 7-a; I I I: I.. · -gi Jm ri-ri-gla ... J; '12: [... -giJm ri-ga-ab CIJi-gim glu 7- ... J; T6: I... J-gim riga-ab e[IJi- ... J; TI7: I.. · -gla-ab clJi-gim gu 7-a; N I: gcmc-gilm ... )-a; K z: gcmc-gim ri-ga-ab [ .. ·1; MM: gcme-[ ... rli-ga-' ab ' clJi-gi11l gu 7-a; Ur s: cf. rcv. )'ga-ab' 1...

Ga]I-la ba-gllb; N I: gab[a- ... ]; K I: [... -rJa-gu 7 e-gal-Ila ... J; MM: [... J-'Ia ba'-I .. ·J; Sch3: ga-ba-ra-g1l 7 'x'i ... , «a let-me-live») (is what) the one who prays (is willing to promise) . 124 (116) The shameless one piles up in another man's lap: kusl u-u'b Sl-mu-e- d a-gu -e 7 UM I: kUS~u_u]b si-mu-e-da-glu 7- ... ~ 16: [... ]-me-dagu 7-e; 19: USlu-l,bsa-mu-da-[ ... ]; T 2 : USIU_l,b I.. ·]; Ts: [... I-gu 7-e; TIS: omits line; N I: kuslu_I ... ] 122 UM 3: sal)-dunu-tuku 'namsi'-I ...

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